Friday, 1 August 2014

Autumn Rains

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Our lawn is in a state of disrepair; the grass
Lies dormant, trampled brown and dead.
For only hardy weeds can thrive out here,
And even those - our urge is to de-head.
My neighbour's patch is brilliant, emerald green.
Not for him this gasping, drought struck land.
He has the liveliest grass I've ever seen,
From founts of water hosed by liberal hand.
Not us! We wait for autumn rains to fall,
And though my fingers itch to bring back life,
I must desist, we are in Nature's thrall,
To interfere may cause some future strife.
    So in this desert moment we just wait,
    For autumn rains to come and satiate.

Mandy Edwards (c) 2014

Monday, 30 June 2014

Book Review for Mystery at Dead Man's Ridge.

Book Review : “Mystery at Deadman’s Ridge”
                            By Mandy Edwards
Reviewed by Anne Cook, Class teacher, Cromwell Primary School

Nothing much happens in the country, right? Wrong! City girl, Maggie finds that out quickly when she comes to stay with her farming cousins in the backblocks of rural Otago. Sheep rustling, the discovery of a marijuana plot, gun shots in the night , the injuring of a shepherd, a marauding hawk…..are some of the challenges that the young characters have to deal with.
“Mystery at Deadman’s Ridge” is a fast paced read that is action packed; full of twists & turns and is hard to put down. It’s a real mystery story with characters that are real. I’ve met them all in my time on the land.
Mandy Edwards draws on her vast experience of life in Rural New Zealand. Farming in Otago is portrayed accurately with subtle explanations woven in. One can easily relate to the hectic pace at shearing time, the busy woolshed and yards, and the capable, hard working  farming family eeking out a living on the land.
The young farm boys, Tom and Luke, are highly capable as farm kids are: whether it’s working dogs, mustering stock, helping in the woolshed or riding a quad bike. There is a natural ease and confidence. By the same token, Maggie, although out of her comfort zone in the country is savvy with a cell phone. It is the kids, not the adults, who solve the mystery and bring the villains to justice.

All young people, whether from a rural or urban background will enjoy this book. I highly recommend it.

Man and Wife

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I lie with you beneath this willow tree;
its viridescent branches hide us here,
and listen to the shrieks of youngsters, free
unfettered by those burdens we must bear.
It’s simple here to let my troubles ease;
I sigh, relax and watch you drift away,
enchanted by the shadows of the leaves,
that dance upon your face in gleeful play.
I slow my heart to beat in time with yours,
and marvel at each gentle breath you take;
I feel the rising swell of inner shores,
And turn my back upon that lonely ache.
  For in this magic place no worldly strife,
  Can dissipate our love as man and wife.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

The joy of child care

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You rush at me this morn with open arms.
I gladly scoop you up and hold you close.
A heady mix of soap and fragrant talc,
A hint of milk and jam and buttered toast.

Your lips begin to tremble; Mum departs.
Another friend arrives, I crouch down low.
Transform into a tiger's snarling jaws,
I watch your face; a smile begins to grow.

You stumble on the mat upon the floor.
Tears spill quickly from your full moon eyes.
Such trifling troubles yet for one so brave,
A magic kiss brings sunny cloudless skies.

You look upon the world with simple joy.
There's no pretense; nothing you must hide.
Another day of freedom to explore,
To seek, to find, to know, to be a child.

Mandy Edwards (c) 2014.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Hide and Seek

I'm coming ready or not, you call
And I scramble one last time
To find a dark, secluded spot
That I can claim as mine.

The time for hiding's over
Yet I'll play this game awhile
This time I'll let you find me
And greet you with a smile.

Come and get me, if you please
I'm ready for you now.
I know I've mucked around a bit
But no one showed me how ...

How to find you with my heart
My eyes have blinded me
It's taken me so many years
But now I truly see.

Mandy Edwards (c) 2014

Saturday, 10 May 2014

A successful book launch for my children's book, Mystery at Dead Man's Ridge, by Mandy Edwards (me!) and a little taste of my poetry book, Come and Get Me ... by Amanda Edwards (also me!)  I was delighted to launch my books in Turangi, the town of my teenage childhood, where I enjoyed all kinds of outdoor experiences; kayaking the Tongariro River; tramping the Tongariro Crossing, climbing Mt Ngaruahoe, abseiling and rock climbing at Motuoapa. In this photo is my young illustrator, Amelia Hamilton, and her mother, Maree ... a great school friend of mine from Tongariro High School, in Turangi.

I have had a marvelous response from all those people who have read, Mystery at Dead Man's Ridge, adults and children alike, which gives me encouragement to perhaps extend my characters' adventures in the future. My poetry book, Come and Get Me, has also been received well; touching a chord in people's hearts, especially those who have experienced their own spiritual journeys ... and still travelling, as I am. It is wonderful to make connections with people through my stories and poems.

If you are interested in purchasing either of my books you can visit for my
Mystery at Dead Man's Ridge ebook; or I can send you the printed version, including all of Amelia's beautiful illustrations. ($19.95 NZ plus postage and packaging).  The poetry book can be found at: or

Sunday, 13 April 2014

A couple of marvelous reviews for ... Come and Get Me.

Amanda's words are wonderful and clear!
by Peter McManus on April 1, 2014

I have had the great opportunity to enjoy Amanda's words in other venues and I am excited about her collection of poetry which is the type I enjoy ... clear, concise, meaningful, connective and inspiring. This will be the perfect collection to give to my wife who just quit her secure job to begin her own business! I recommend this book to anyone who has challenges in life that they are thinking about changing by taking a risk. I think this should include just about everyone ... so I think everyone should keep a copy close at hand!

The complicity of silence, April 12, 2014
This review is from: Come and Get Me (Paperback)

Amanda Edward's poetry is a game of hide-and-seek with life, with words, with thoughts, a pantheism deeply rooted in her culture, her soul. Her reason for being is to do something, to leave something behind. One can enhance a life trail for a moment, the distance to the point of defeat in dispute with the great Time.

To accomplish the work she was born to do seems to be Amanda's supreme argument in the balance of her prayers. The idea of unfulfillment frightens the poet and makes her bless and defy the divine miracle of life.

Amanda Edward's dares to dream in her poems and only the reality knocks her idols and scatters her illusions Go and get Her! I did and still do.

Magdalena Biela.